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Contributing factors in teen car accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2020 | Motor vehicle accidents |

Most people in Indiana know that teens make for unsafe drivers. A lot of it is due to inexperience, short attention spans and impulsiveness, but it can be good to know what specific factors contribute the most to car accidents with teens. This information may help you if you were injured by a teen driver and are thinking about filing a personal injury claim.

Summer is the deadliest season

AAA calls the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day the “100 deadliest days” because teens are 14% more likely to be in a fatal accident during that time than in any other. The reasons are obvious: School is out; teens have more time for partying, which means the possibility of drug and alcohol use; and parents may relax their curfews.

Speeding and distractions

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that around one-third of all fatal crashes involving teens are speeding-related. It’s usually more experienced teen drivers who speed; the newly licensed may, out of fear, drive below the speed limit, which also poses a safety threat.

Teens are notorious for using their phones, but that’s not the only distraction to worry about. Studies show how having even one peer passenger in the vehicle raises crash risk. Teens can be easily distracted by conversations and swayed by peer pressure.

Proving negligence with a lawyer

Some forms of negligence, such as speeding, can be easy to prove. Others, such as simple daydreaming, are near impossible. This can affect the success or failure of any claims arising from car accidents. With a lawyer, your case may get crucial support. Personal injury lawyers might contact third parties like crash investigators to help in a case. A lawyer may be helpful during negotiations, too.