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Speeding plagues the commercial trucking industry

On Behalf of | May 21, 2021 | Motor vehicle accidents |

There’s no denying the fact that the trucking industry is critical to the American economy. A large percentage of products and supplies are shipped across Indiana and other states every day. Unfortunately, one common pitfall that constantly plagues truck drivers is their tendency to speed.

Why do truck drivers speed?

Many commercial truck accidents are caused by drivers going above the speed limit. It’s not uncommon for truckers to drive above the posted speed limit to get to their destination sooner. The sooner a driver can get to their destination and deliver the goods, the sooner they can get started on the next job. The more jobs that a driver can take on, the more money they will be able to earn.

What is the result of trucks that speed?

One of the biggest problems of speeding in a commercial truck is increasing the risk of an accident. Trucking accidents tend to be more dangerous than other motor vehicle accidents due to the size of the truck. Apart from creating an accident, speeding also wreaks havoc on the truck itself. Speeding decreases the truck’s fuel efficiency, wears out the tire treads faster and increases the risk of a tire blowout.

Most semi-trucks are designed to operate in the 75-mph range. When the driver operates the vehicle faster than that, it can create problems. The driver might find themselves paying more money in maintenance costs than they’ll receive from delivering orders quicker.

Speeding has been a constant problem in the commercial trucking industry. By identifying the cause of this behavior and how it affects the truck and other drivers on the roadway, commercial truck safety organizations can work to better inform drivers of this hazard. Hopefully, as more truck drivers become aware of the dangers of speeding, they will stop this bad behavior and prevent accidents.