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Common manufacturing job injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Working in manufacturing is very demanding. You need to be physically active and on your feet almost the entire time you are on the clock. All this activity can lead to injuries, so here are a few common injuries that occur at manufacturing jobs in Indiana.

Repetitive stress injury

In most manufacturing jobs, the work you are doing will require you to make similar motions over and over again every day that you’re scheduled to work. Repetitive motion can wear out certain parts of the body and lead to repetitive stress injuries.

This happens when soft tissue gets damaged and starts deteriorating, and can have symptoms such as tingling, numbness and pain. It can also weaken that part of the body, so it will be harder for that worker to continue working as efficiently as before.

Slips and falls

If there are liquids involved in the manufacturing process, then there is a chance that it could end up on the floor and that the liquid could cause you to slip. Slips and falls are other common injuries in manufacturing jobs.

Some slips are minor and don’t cause severe damage, but a bad slip can result in sprains, broken bones and head trauma. If your employer isn’t keeping the floors clean, and you get injured from a slip, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

There are hundreds of workplace injuries that happen every day in this country. Workers should always be careful and cautious when on the job, and employers need to do their best to create a safe work environment. If you get injured on the job, talking with a workers’ compensation attorney might help determine if it’s possible to take your case to court and to get compensated for your injuries.