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Are you living with an occupational lung disease?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Understandably, people throughout Indiana expect that the companies they work for will have safety measures in place for their employees. With that said, even safe workplaces can cause workers to develop occupational diseases. One of the most common areas of the body affected by this condition is the lungs.

What are the common symptoms of occupational lung diseases?

Long-term exposure to irritants while working causes most cases of occupational lung disease to develop. In most instances, these lung diseases tend to have long-term effects that linger after exposure to the irritant stops.

There are several common signs you’re suffering from occupational lung disease. The most common side effects of this disease can include:

• Breathing difficulties

• Lingering chest pain and tightness

• Coughing that’s sometimes excessive

How do medical professionals diagnose these diseases?

If you suspect that you’re dealing with occupational lung disease, it’s wise to receive a check-up from a medical professional right away. By doing this, you’re potentially getting treatment before it’s too late. Also, keeping up with medical appointments is a must if you’re trying to obtain workers’ compensation benefits.

Medical professionals usually perform a CT scan or an X-ray of the chest to determine what’s affecting you. In some cases, your health care professional may want to perform further testing. You may also undergo pulmonary function tests to learn how well your lungs move air in and out of your body. Other tests a medical professional may perform involve:

• Examining cells or tissue from the lungs

• Taking a closer look at your airway

• Studying lung fluids

Occupational lung diseases affect people working in many industries. If you’re living with any signs of occupational lung diseases, it’s not advisable to ignore them. Instead, schedule an appointment with your medical care provider.