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A T-bone car wreck may change your life

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Motor vehicle accidents |

You were driving home after taking your child to school. As you entered an intersection on a green light, you heard the sound of tires screeching, then a loud “bang” as someone hit the side of your car.

You may not remember anything. First responders relayed everything to the emergency department staff for you.

You may feel the effects of your accident in several ways

Once you get home, you may feel the impact of your accident in different areas of your body. You are sore and you have cuts and bruises everywhere.

Your insurance company may have told you that the adjuster will declare your vehicle totaled. You begin to realize that your accident has changed everything for you.

You may be suffering from more than one injury

The doctors at the hospital explained to your spouse what types of injuries you have and the treatments you may need. Your insurance company tells you and your spouse that the other driver and their insurance company are blaming the accident on you.

Learning how to recover what you have lost may put you in a stronger position. You and your family can sit down to talk about everything you can do. While you don’t remember everything, you do know you had a green light.

One injury may be a concussion

The ER doctors told you and your spouse you suffered a concussion. This is a traumatic brain injury that may temporarily affect your brain function.

You have a persistent ringing in your ears, your vision may be blurred and you may also suffer from nausea. Your symptoms may last for a while.