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Do more accidents occur around the holidays?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Worker injuries happen throughout the year regularly. Workers’ compensation payouts have been steadily rising since 1985 in Madison, Indiana. During the holidays, the number of worker injuries rises. There are several reasons that holiday work injuries rise.

Workers’ compensation statistics

The average workers’ compensation in 1985 was up to $267. In 1986, the compensation was up to $285. By 1998, the compensation was up to $672. The average compensation was up to $702 in 1999. The compensation was over $1,000 for the first time in 2015, with up to $1,040. In 2016, the compensation was up to $1,105. Claims after 2016 have been up to $1,170.

Increase of traffic

More responsibilities, higher stress and a smaller workforce can increase accidents during the holidays. One cause of higher accident rates is an increase in traffic. When rushing to finish holiday shopping, people add more traffic on the roads. Heavy traffic increase the risk of accidents to workers in the transportation industry.

Temporary workers

During the holidays, many companies see a surge in sales. Businesses usually hire temporary help to handle the extra work. Temporary employees don’t have the experience that regular employees have. Temporary employees aren’t familiar with the company’s safety measures and have a greater chance of needing workers’ compensation.


Fires increase during the holidays. People love to decorate their homes and businesses with Christmas lights. Injury from fire-related Christmas light incidents effect over 1,650 people. Death from fire-related Christmas light incidents effect over 400 people.

Holiday fatigue

The extra responsibilities during the holidays add stress to any job. People work overtime to handle more work or to pay for gifts. Working longer hours with higher stress levels causes fatigue. Fatigue contributes to holiday work accidents, which affects workers with heavy machinery more.

An injury can put more stress on other workers and ruin holiday plays. A person can miss out on time with family and friends during the holidays. Accidents happen more around the holiday, but seeing these issues and working smarter can help keep businesses and employees safer.