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When do Indiana workers need permanent partial disability pay?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

There are numerous scenarios that could lead to a successful Indiana workers’ compensation claim. You could get hurt on the job because of a problem with equipment or a mistake by a co-worker. A doctor could diagnose you with a work-acquired medical condition like carpal tunnel syndrome. In either case, you may need time off of work and medical care, which workers’ compensation benefits can cover.

Some workers need short-term disability benefits for a temporary absence while they recover from an injury or undergo treatment. Others may need longer-lasting benefits because their earning potential changes.

A small number of workers may find themselves completely unable to work after they get hurt. Others will find that they can work. They just can’t perform the same functions or work at the same volume and pace they once did. These workers may need permanent partial disability benefits. 

Work-related medical issues can affect your income forever

Some work injuries, like broken bones, will lead to a full recovery. You won’t have any long-term symptoms after successful treatment. Other conditions may permanently limit your strength, flexibility or functionality.

Those lasting symptoms can have a damaging effect on your income. The more your symptoms impact your job performance, the more they might reduce your long-term earning potential. Permanent partial disability benefits help those who have lost income because of lasting symptoms from work-acquired medical conditions. With permanent partial disability benefits, you can receive compensation to reduce the overall loss in income related to your injury or illness.

Understanding the different workers’ compensation benefits available will make filing a claim a little bit easier.