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How can you pay a workers’ compensation attorney after an injury?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers in just about any profession can get hurt on the job. An office worker could slip and fall, while a retail worker could hurt themselves trying to get an item off of a top shelf. Whether you work in an industry known for its job risks or get hurt while working in a relatively safe profession, you can count on workers’ compensation benefits to help you.

State law requires workers’ compensation insurance. Every employer should either self-insure or carry an external policy that protects them from liability when workers get hurt. As an employee injured or sick and on the job, you can qualify for medical benefits and disability benefits that replace your lost paycheck.

Many people struggle with workers’ compensation applications and require an attorney for assistance. It may seem like an impossible task to hire an attorney when you have just found out that you need to take an extended leave of absence from work. How can you pay for legal representation when you make a workers’ compensation claim?

Some attorneys work on a contingency fee basis

Many attorneys require a retainer before they take on a case. That means that you will pay a fixed amount, usually several thousand dollars, for them to work with you. They will bill against that retainer and then later ask you to make additional payments if they provide more services than the retainer will cover.

Many workers struggling with the recent injury don’t have the resources to pay thousands of dollars upfront for legal support, so attorneys that handle injury and workers’ compensation claims may accept clients on a contingency fee basis.

When you partner with an attorney who accepts a contingency fee, they will take your case with the understanding that you will pay them a flat percentage of the compensation that you received when your claim finally gets approved or you settle with the insurer. You don’t have any upfront costs, which can make it more accessible to get legal support at a time when you already have a lot of financial stress.

Partnering with an attorney will give you a better chance of hiring a successful workers’ compensation claim and maximizing the benefits that you for a work-related injury.