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Adrenaline can help to mask your pain after a wreck

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2022 | Motor vehicle accidents |

Adrenaline serves a lot of purposes in the human body, one of which is helping people survive traumatic accidents. It can give them a burst of energy and it can also mask the pain that they’re feeling.

This doesn’t mean that they’re not in pain or that they’re not injured. It simply means that the adrenaline covers it up so that they may not notice until later. A lot of people who get injured in combat, playing sports or doing extreme activities will not even realize that the injury is very severe until that activity ends.

The problem with car accidents and adrenaline surges

This adrenaline rush can certainly help in some situations. It may help someone who’s been injured seek out medical care, rather than collapsing on the spot.

But it’s also a major problem with car accidents. Usually, a medical team is able to respond to a car accident and ask people if they want medical care. Someone who is still experiencing that adrenaline rush may not feel the pain yet, and they may assume that they’re not hurt. This can lead them to turn down that medical care even though they desperately need it.

For example, this sometimes happens with brain injuries or internal injuries. Someone may assume that they didn’t actually get injured in the accident and then wake up the next morning to find out that they’re having severe complications.

Seeking compensation after a wreck

If this does happen to you, remember that those complications are still related to the initial accident. This means that you may be able to seek financial compensation for them, even if you didn’t think you were injured in the crash at first. Be sure that you know what legal steps to take.