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The risk of using talk-to-text software while driving

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2024 | Motor vehicle accidents |

The use of a mobile phone while driving can be relatively dangerous. Attempting to send text messages or emails can be particularly dangerous. Drivers may have to look down at their phones for multiple seconds to type out a response or read a message sent by someone else.

Therefore, there are rules prohibiting the manual use of mobile phones while in control of vehicles in Ohio. Many drivers try to find ways to work around those regulations to stay connected with their families or employers.

One of the ways that people bypass no-texting rules is the use of talk-to-text software. They dictate their messages and let the device type it on their behalf. Contrary to what many people assume, using talk-to-text programs while driving may not be any safer than manually texting.

Why software isn’t any safer

The main reason that talk-to-text software isn’t safer than other forms of texting while driving is that it causes its own type of distraction. Drivers dictating text messages or emails often feel compelled to look down at their devices.

Researchers have actually found that talks-to-text software causes significant distraction in most users. They may not even be aware of how regularly they glance down at their devices to check for typos and other issues. While someone using talk-to-text software may not have technically broken the law, their conduct could still be negligent and unsafe.

They could cause a crash because of their distraction. The risk stems from failing to monitor their surroundings and the increased reaction times that come from splitting their focus between the road and their phone. Anyone involved in a crash caused by a distracted driver could potentially request compensation from that motorist.

Someone who causes a crash due to distraction may have to provide insurance to pay to repair a vehicle, replace someone’s lost wages and pay their medical bills. If someone doesn’t have insurance or their coverage is too low, then the injured party may want to explore filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Recognizing what factors might increase the risk of a collision can help people reduce their chances of being involved in one. This knowledge can also help them to understand who to hold responsible for any car crash that does occur. The party who causes a crash should be the one to cover the costs the collision inspires.

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