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Experienced Estate Planning

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When you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in Indiana or Kentucky, contact one of the experienced attorneys at Alcorn, Sage, Schwartz & Magrath LLP. For the title of a property to be passed, a deed with the proper description of the land must be executed and delivered. Federal and state governments govern real estate transactions with statutes and regulations on how these titles can be passed.
It can be a confusing process, but the attorneys at Alcorn, Sage, Schwartz, & Magrath LLP have the experience and knowledge to cut through the red tape and guide you through the day-to-day specifics of ownership transaction, and all other aspects and concerns of the real estate market. Call us today at 812-801-4760 for a FREE consultation.

Real Estate Law Includes

  • Agriculture law
  • Buying/Selling a home
  • Commercial real estate
  • Construction
  • Landlord/Tenant relationships
  • Mortgage matters
  • Zoning

Real Estate Law Advocates

Alcorn, Sage, Schwartz & Magrath LLP provides our customers with comprehensive legal representation in all forms of real estate matters. We have an extensive history of complex litigation and possess unmatched real estate knowledge. We understand the issues you’re facing because we’ve handled them before and can do it again!
Our practice is equipped to handle a majority of your residential and commercial real estate needs. Our clients include individuals, contractors, investors, developers, property management companies, and state and local governments who require assistance in all types of transactions throughout the development process.

Assistance With Every Aspect of Real Estate

  • Buying a home
  • Home inspections
  • Seller obligations to disclose defects
  • Title insurance
  • Closing process
  • Responsibilities of home ownership
  • Zoning and land use

For more information on real estate laws in Indiana, visit the Indiana Real Estate Commission website. Call 812-801-4760for a FREE consultation

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