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The adoption attorneys at Alcorn Sage Schwartz & Magrath have years of experience working with adoptive parents, fathers, and birth mothers. Our law firm handles all forms of adoption including private and step-parent adoptions.

Adoptions can occur when a step-parent wishes to adopt a step-child. These adoptions can occur with the biological parents written consent or, at times, without their consent due to child abandonment in a contested guardianship hearing.

Adoption fees for foster children can, at times, be paid for/covered by payment from the State of Indiana; up to $1500.00

In Indiana, both single individuals and married couples can adopt. Private adoptions often occur when a pregnant mother selects the adoptive parent(s) for her child during the term of her pregnancy. Adoption agencies often have access to both expectant mothers and children of all ages that are available for adoption into their forever homes.

Our law firm can guide you from beginning to end through the adoption process. Your consultation with our attorney(s) are confidential and private. Your adoption will be handled with compassion and respect for the best interests of the child.