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Want a good divorce? Focus on what matters the most

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2019 | Family Law |

Choosing to divorce isn’t easy — but it’s just the first of a long series of choices you will need to make as you move forward. In many ways, every divorce is just a series of “A” and “B” choices that each individual has to make regarding things like marital property, debts, spousal support, child support, visitation schedules and parenting plans.

How do you go about making these choices?

1. Identify your goals.

You have to determine what’s most important to you — and what can be up for negotiation. That will help you decide where your bargaining power lies, where you can give in on something your spouse wants and where you have to fight. Knowing what you ultimately want (and can accept) can keep you from reacting emotionally and living “in the moment” to your own detriment.

2. Recognize that your situation is unique.

No two divorces are exactly the same because no two marriages are. Don’t listen to other people’s horror stories about their divorces. If you choose to listen to any stories, focus on the ones where the couple managed to “uncouple” with their dignity and respect intact.

3. Forget about getting even.

Marriage may be about the heart, but divorce is all about practical concerns. This is no time to be focused on “evening the score” for your broken heart. You’ll waste time, energy, resources and money if you’re focused on revenge instead of your future.

If you’re on the brink of divorce — or think that you might be — don’t wait to learn more about your rights and options. Contact our office to discuss your situation and learn how a strong legal ally can help you figure out your goals and protect your interests.