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Claiming workers’ compensation insurance in Madison

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

When you live and work in a small place such as Madison, word will travel fast if you are injured in a workplace accident. The last thing you or your employer need is a legal battle about compensation. It could leave you struggling to find work with other local companies and your employer struggling to hire people.

Fortunately, if your employer has workers’ compensation, this can be avoided. Most Indiana employers are required to have this coverage. It is on a no-fault basis. Thus neither you nor your employer need to battle over whose fault the accident was.

You must report the accident within 30 days to your employer. It is best to do this straight away, though. You may need to provide medical records or specific medical information. Failing to complete the paperwork on time and in the correct fashion can lead to your claim being denied or delayed.

Not all Madison workers’ compensation claims are as settled as amicably as you might hope. This is because there is a third party involved — the insurance company. They may try to come across as helpful, but you must remember where their priorities lie. They exist to make money for a set of shareholders who probably do not even know where Madison is. The insurer may try to minimize the amount they pay you. An experienced local attorney can help you receive the correct amount.

Remember that it can be hard to predict how well you will recover from injuries sustained in a workplace accident. Not all injuries are immediately apparent either. You need to ensure you receive compensation for any longer-term costs, not just immediate ones.


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