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4 tips for safer shared spaces on and near roadways

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2020 | Motor vehicle accidents |

When pedestrians are around vehicles, it’s important for them to know what to do to stay safe. Drivers also need to know the steps to take to be safe when pedestrians could be present.

As Halloween approaches, it’s a good idea to review the safety tips to help drivers and pedestrians avoid collisions. Here are four to help you during the holiday (or any time you’re on or around the road).

Slow down

Whether you’re a driver or a pedestrian, it’s time to slow down and look around. Take in what’s happening around you, so you can look for potential hazards.

Use the correct lanes/walkways

Pedestrians should cross at crosswalks and use sidewalks whenever possible. Drivers need to maintain their distance in the correct lanes. They should move over if a pedestrian is in the roadway and has no walkway to move to, when possible.

Avoid distractions

Both drivers and pedestrians should avoid distractions, such as using electronics, so that they are always able to look around and see any potential hazards ahead of them.

Make yourself visible

Again, whether you’re a pedestrian or a driver, you should do all you can to be visible. Drivers should use daylights or headlights, and pedestrians should wear reflective or light-colored attire to be safe.

It’s unfortunate that so many people end up being involved in pedestrian collisions each year when there are ways to prevent these serious incidents. If you’re hurt in a pedestrian collision, it’s important that you look into pursuing a claim against any reckless or negligent driver who was involved in the crash.