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How vehicle size leads to more serious truck accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2021 | Motor vehicle accidents |

The vehicles sharing your Indiana roads are changing. With names such as “Gladiator” and “Titan,” you know to expect something much larger than an average pickup truck. Yet, with the increase in size, there’s a boost in the risks that truck accidents now present for other motorists and pedestrians.

Blind spots increase

Long hoods and increasing clearance heights result in larger blind spots. Whereas before, a driver might’ve seen a young child or pedal cyclist in traffic or a parking lot setting, these traffic participants are now largely out of sight. Measurements suggest that front blind spots alone exceed those of SUVs by about seven feet.

It’s interesting to note that these trucks sell primarily to the residential market. This means that trucks with hoods as tall as 45.5 inches and higher now find their way into your neighborhood. Also, because they do not go to the commercial sector, the vehicles lack many safety features that trucks for these uses must have.

An increase in hood height translates to greater risks for other motorists

When you combine these built-in problems with typical driver mistakes or negligence, it’s clear that the roads are now more dangerous. Consider the damage a larger, heavier truck can do when the driver may struggle with a more significant blind spot, distractions and possible other impairments.

Moreover, truck accidents are likely to now become more commonplace. With many models lacking blind spot warnings or auto-brake functionalities, the road rules aren’t changing. Drivers of such trucks don’t undergo additional training. Therefore, they are likely to experience blind spots, and another motorist suffers injuries or worse.