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The long term effect of severe spinal injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2021 | Motor vehicle accidents |

A car accident could leave you with a variety of injuries. One of the worst possible outcomes would be a severe spinal injury.  Not only will it limit your mobility, but it can also affect other areas of your life. For instance, your career may grind to a halt, and your relationship with friends or family may be affected as well. It could mean a total overhaul of your life, and adapting to the situation is never easy.

You are prone to other medical conditions

On top of that, a severe spinal injury could also leave you more prone to medical conditions like a bladder infection, kidney stones or osteoporosis. Mental health issues such as depression could also result if you struggle to cope with the forced changes in your life.

High cost of medical care

Medical care following a spinal injury does not come cheap. You may need extensive hospitalization in addition to the post-care medication which you might be on for the rest of your life. That, in turn, could expose you to financial insecurity.

Your life may never be the same following a severe spinal injury. Therefore, it is crucial that you get adequate compensation if another driver’s negligence caused your injuries.

While financial compensation will not change the fact that you have a debilitating injury, it can help you pay for the care, treatment and adaptations you will need to enjoy the rest of your life without constant worry. However, this can only happen if you know your legal rights and what to do to get the justice you deserve.

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