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3 best practices when seeking car accident compensation

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2023 | Motor vehicle accidents |

An auto insurance policy can offer peace of mind in knowing you may have financial resources if a car accident leaves you with serious injuries. Still, owning a policy does not mean you have no role to play in securing the accident and injury compensation you are due.

You must preserve your car accident claim and potential compensation from the time the crash occurred until you have obtained all you deserve. The tips below can help to ensure your car accident claim fairly compensates you for your losses.

1. Obtain medical evidence

When an accident results in severe injuries, victims need every cent available to help them get and pay for quality medical care. However, insurers need evidence proving your injuries before they can pay that portion of your accident claim. Have your health care team give you or the involved insurers copies of your accident-related medical records.

2. Prepare to deal with insurers

The claims adjuster assigned to your case will have questions to ask about the car accident. You can let them know whether your vehicle was damaged or you suffered injuries, but try to avoid volunteering unnecessary information. For example, if they ask you for a written or recorded statement, it is generally best to decline politely to protect your claim.

3. Know your rights under Indiana law

Car accident and injury compensation laws can vary from state to state. Research the laws specific to your region to ensure you understand what you may be entitled to receive and that no involved parties violate your rights. Often, guidance from someone with a legal background can help to ensure your protection.

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