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Should I accept the insurer’s first offer after a car crash?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2023 | Motor vehicle accidents |

If you know people who have suffered injuries in car crashes, they may have recounted how they had to fight the insurer for compensation. So, you might consider it a pleasant surprise if the other party’s insurer comes straight to you with an offer after you have a crash.

Beware: An early settlement offer is not the insurer being kind and helpful. Rather, it is the company being devious. Insurers make early settlement offers to save themselves money. They do it when they know that holding out and going through the proper process could cost them much more.

Insurers know you may not yet realize how much you are entitled to claim

Most people have little idea how much medical treatment could cost in the immediate aftermath of a crash. They may also have no idea as to the full extent of their injuries and what the long-term consequences of those injuries will be. 

Some injuries, including many which can have devastating consequences for someone’s life and ability to earn, are not immediately apparent. The body also releases endorphins in a traumatic event such as a crash, which can mask pain, making you think you are fine when you are not.

Only by getting a medical checkup after a crash and attending any follow-up appointments the doctors recommend can you gain an accurate assessment of the total cost of your injuries.

If you take the insurer’s first offer, you may leave yourself short, with no recourse to claim more compensation. Getting legal help to understand your needs and rights increases the chance you get the payout you deserve.