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What options are available for Indiana drivers struck in hit-and-run crashes?

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2023 | Motor vehicle accidents |

Hit-and-run crashes can lead to tragic outcomes. If one driver flees the scene of a crash without stopping to check on the other party, someone could go hours without proper medical attention. Therefore, Indiana law helps protect people against hit-and-run crashes by requiring that people stop after involvement in a collision.

Despite the clear reporting requirements in Indiana, some individuals still drive off after a collision. Perhaps they know they are under the influence and should not be behind the wheel. They may not have a driver’s license or proper insurance. What options exist for those involved in Indiana hit-and-run collisions?

Supplemental insurance provides some support

Technically, liability insurance requires being able to identify the party to blame for a wreck. If police officers cannot identify the other driver after a hit-and-run, the victims of such collisions have no automatic protection.

Every driver in Indiana needs to carry liability coverage, but they also have the option of buying uninsured motorist protection. In fact, they would need to decline that extra coverage in writing if they choose not to buy it. That secondary form of coverage is invaluable after a hit-and-run collision. A driver’s uninsured motorist insurance is what can help pay for property damage and bodily injury expenses if the state cannot identify the driver who caused the crash. If police officers do locate the hit-and-run driver, then the other party will have more options.

The driver who fled may be liable

Both wrongful conduct and negligence can open someone up to civil liability. After the police identify the other driver, it is possible to file an insurance claim against their liability coverage following a hit-and-run crash. If that coverage is not enough, it may be necessary to go to court. Someone who drives off after a hit-and-run crash could very easily end up facing a personal injury lawsuit brought by the other parties involved in the wreck.

Factors ranging from the extent of the injuries caused by the crash to the exact insurance coverage that a driver has will determine what they need to do to obtain full compensation for an Indiana hit-and-run collision.