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Valuable assets can hide in plain sight: Don’t let them slip away

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2024 | Divorce |

When a couple divorces, they must disclose or reveal their financial assets to aid the court in dividing their marital property fairly. For affluent spouses, this can mean tracking down and inventorying many complex assets.

It can be easy to overlook potentially valuable assets amid the flurry of documentation you must wade through. Be extra thorough and look twice at assets like the ones below that may have more value than you realize.

Digital assets

Digital property like Bitcoin and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can offer lucrative investment returns. Highly sought-after items and currencies in popular video games may also have real-world value. Strong domain names and established high-traffic websites can boost property value even more.

Intellectual property

Works like books or art created during marriage have potential future value if they become successful. Address them in your negotiations to ensure you receive a fair share of any profits they generate. Remember to include business-related intellectual property you may also have a right to share in.

Valuable animals

You may have pets to discuss in your negotiations, but the financial stakes can be high if you co-own purebreds or champion show animals. Beyond the love you may have for them, they can also generate significant profits. Ensure that your final property settlement accounts for their value.

Other assets

Assets acquired during your marriage are subject to equitable distribution in Indiana. Some non-traditional assets include cemetery plots, frequent flyer miles, exclusive memberships and season tickets.

As you can see, marital property matters can be more complex than they may initially seem. Having legal guidance can help you protect your share of assets in your divorce.