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Why setting clear priorities is important during divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2024 | Divorce |

From the time that you were a child, you were likely taught – perhaps by your parents, teachers or even Sesame Street – that it is important to be thoughtful about how you go about making important decisions. Rushing into consequential decision-making scenarios can lead to missteps that would have been preventable had you invested in a little preparation before moving forward.

A thoughtful, intentional mentality is going to serve you well if you and/or your spouse has recently decided that divorce is the healthiest course of action. Setting clear priorities can lay the groundwork for a more structured and less contentious journey through this challenging phase of life. A strategic approach can aid in managing expectations, focusing negotiations and ultimately, in achieving a settlement that aligns with your needs and goals.

What is most important to you?

If you are a parent of minor or otherwise dependent children, the well-being and stability of your kids are almost certainly your top priorities. Decisions regarding custody, parenting time and child support obviously require thoughtful consideration and planning to facilitate their best interests.

Similarly, financial security is a significant concern for most individuals who are divorcing. Identifying financial goals early on, including what matters most to you regarding your division of assets, debt responsibilities and spousal support can help you negotiate terms that will help protect your financial future.

Moreover, having a well-defined set of priorities can help you streamline the divorce process, making it less overwhelming. Knowing what you want and where you’re willing to compromise can help you better ensure that your overall legal strategy is aligned with your most critical concerns. It can also help you avoid getting bogged down in disagreements over matters that aren’t worth your time and energy.

While engaging in this kind of introspection and making difficult choices aren’t generally an enjoyable way to spend your time, your future self will almost certainly thank you for setting priorities and pursuing them in a focused way during this consequential transition.

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